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Motivation Is the Means to Succeed

August 11, 2014

Lada DukicConference Specialist, IDC Adriatics

photo Lada Dukic

1. In your ten-year work, what has been the biggest challenge you have experienced?

For almost ten years, I've worked with an experienced team that focuses on organizing events and confronting new challenges. The biggest challenge I've faced so far has been how to meet the needs of all clients and achieve excellence. Each of our events has some unique and novel aspects, and sometimes we have to put in greater energy to achieve a successful result. However, I consider each obstacle as a motivator that pushes me to perform better and learn new skills.

2. What motivates you to carry out conferences with such success?

There are lots of motivators that help me accomplish my goals - providing high quality events, designing entire programs, contacting and arranging performers and guests, making timetables, and scheduling all necessary activities and logistics is not an easy job. My motivation is always to produce a successful event and satisfy partners. It also means a lot when we receive positive feedback from the delegates who come to our events.

3. Will the IDC Adriatics EXPO 2014 conference bring about any novelties, and how you will exploit your experience to achieve an excellent performance?

This is the first event to bring together a range of managers from the region. In addition, it will be the first time managers will have a chance to discuss relevant topics concerning regional business and ICT. While some of our partners and attendees are already doing business together, it will still be the first time they get the chance to meet in person. One-to-one meetings are a novel aspect in particular, as these will provide uninterrupted private time for participants to discuss topics of mutual interest and receive direct feedback. We are proud that all these novelties are brought together in one event - the IDC Adriatics EXPO 2014.