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Era of Success for the Adriatics

August 13, 2014

Ana PapezRegional Manager, IDC Adriatics

photo Ana Papez

Ms. Ana Papez works as regional manager at IDC Adriatics, a position she has held since the beginning of 2014. In this role she initiates the development of new products and services and assists with the localization of several research tools in Croatia and the Adriatic region. During her 12-year career at IDC, she has organized more than 100 high-profile events and built high-quality relationships with various end-user companies and IT vendors. She contributes strongly to IDC's development in the Adriatic region thanks to her daily engagement in various consulting projects and custom research.

1. What is the concept of IDC Adriatics EXPO 2014?

The IDC Adriatics EXPO is a two-day event that will cover numerous IT topics relevant to the Adriatic region. During these two days, we plan to cover all aspects of IT technology, and also have a lot of fun in the process. The EXPO will feature a series of presentations made by IDC partners, independent speakers, CIOs, and various employers' associations. Panel discussions between conference partners and attendees will also be facilitated during the EXPO.

2. Is this the first ever regional meeting of ICT CIOs?

Well, I think it is. It is definitely the first event of its kind, which means that IDC is using supply and demand to bring people together.

3. Who are the expert speakers and panellists, and what are the main topics that will be discussed?

Confirmed expert speakers at this point are Jan Siroky, the vice president of IDC CEMA; Alex Kwiatkowski of IDC Financial Insights; Goran Ujevic, CIO of Zvijezda; Drazen Milkovic, CIO of Dalekovod; Miroslav Madzaric, CIO of KBC Zagreb; Boris Susmak, CIO of Luka Koper; and many others.