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Challenges Ahead for Serbian ICT Sector

August 15, 2014

Zorana Juric, Country Manager, Serbia, IDC Adriatics

photo Zorana Juric

Mrs. Zorana Juric is the country manager of IDC Serbia. She also holds the position of research analyst for imaging devices, document solutions and systems, and infrastructure solutions at IDC Serbia. In both roles, she is responsible for conducting primary and secondary research of the PC, enterprise server systems, imaging and hardcopy devices, and disk storage systems markets in Serbia, and contributing to annual studies and quarterly trackers. Prior to joining IDC, Mrs. Juric worked as a mathematics teacher. She also worked as life-insurance broker for international insurance companies Grawe and Wiener Stadtische.

1. What are the biggest challenges you have experienced in business?

As with any business, challenges are great, but social intelligence is very important with respect to analytics. It is important to constantly communicate with numerous people and be aware of all important events happening within the country and elsewhere. The true challenge lies in projecting what will happen in future and determining which direction the market will go in these turbulent times. IDC has an excellent approach to these challenges, and is the only company in this part of Central and Eastern Europe that has a local presence. This enables us to get a more in-depth and detailed perspective of the market, and allows many global and local companies to gain insights into their market performance and improve on their operations.

2. What impact do changing market conditions have on the ICT industry?

The overall economic situation is not great, and this of course affects the ICT industry as well. However, when speaking specifically about Serbia, ICT has greatly influenced the development and recovery of the economy. The state has supported the IT sector, and will continue to do so in future. In addition, the state should be the single biggest generator of demand for IT infrastructure going forward. By implementing electronic services, for example, administration becomes more efficient, effective, and above all more transparent, which in turn gives the IT sector a direct incentive.

3. Can a conference such as IDC Adriatics EXPO 2014 shed any light on how to adapt to constant changes and still achieve growth?

Of course, IDC Adriatics Expo is an ideal venue, where, in beautiful surroundings, you can hear about the predictions of IDC analysts as well as the experiences of some of the biggest and most successful companies from the Adriatic region. In addition, a few interesting panel discussions are going to be held, which will make the conference even more interesting.